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     The rug cleaning that CatfordCarpetCleaners did for us was very impressive. The rug looked spotless after they were done, and I know who to call any time it gets stained in the future.
Deborah Clintock19/05/2020
     I hate cleaning, but I love it when it looks this good! Thanks a bunch, guys; I don't remember my apartment looking so good since I moved in!
Grant W.19/09/2019
     I might make a regular thing out of hiring Carpet Cleaners Catford! Their cleaners did an amazing job. I was left speechless. A top first impression.
K. Oliver27/04/2018
      CatfordCarpetCleaners have helped me with all sorts of cleaning tasks over the years including carpet cleaning, and general domestic chores and they always do a great job for a fair price.
Kelly Holden13/12/2017
     I've used CatfordCarpetCleaners and their home cleaning services for quite some time now, and due to the excellence of their work, I'll continue to do so in the future.
Stacy I.22/08/2017
     Big thanks to CatfordCarpetCleaning for helping with my upholstery cleaning today! I am so glad I took advantage of their special offer - my house looks great!
Violetta C.28/07/2017
     Very happy with everything CatfordCarpetCleaning have managed to achieve in our home. We needed house cleaning at fairly short notice, but were worried we'd have to overpay. We talked over the phone and outlined what we needed. They moved heaven and earth to get us what we needed and it never felt like too much trouble. But added to this, the price was really low! More than we could have hoped for.
Philip Russell05/11/2015
      CatfordCarpetCleaners gave me the best oven cleaning service ever! I'd been struggling for months to deep-clean my oven, but no store-bought products or home-remedies seemed to do the trick. The cleaner I hired knew just what to do though, and soon my oven was sparklingly clean. I'm almost afraid to use it in case I make it dirty again!
Daniel K.14/10/2015
     Running my own business takes up most of my time and with so many clients visiting my office on a daily basis, the premises always needs to look in tip-top shape! That's why I hired CatfordCarpetCleaning to carry out a thorough clean twice a week! The professional and discrete cleaners arrive without fail and always on time and give my office a really thorough seeing to! They also make sure to empty the rubbish before they leave. Due to your professionalism and dedication all I have to do is take care of my business! Terrific service!
Jake R.15/01/2015
     I would never have thought that I'd be in a position to need a professional cleaner, but it turns out time makes a fool of us all. I was once a professional cleaner, so you can see why I would think this - but I had to quit for medical reasons. Nevertheless, hiring CatfordCarpetCleaning was an opportunity to see how things have changed. I've got to say - they still conduct themselves in a professional manner, and that's good to see. They took care of every corner of my home, and no corners were cut. This company offers a great value and high quality cleaning service that I can definitely recommend!
Frederick Y.29/08/2014
     When I was looking for professional cleaners to clean the stains out of my sofa I couldn't find anybody who was available outside work hours except CatfordCarpetCleaning, who were ready and willing to come to take care of the sofa cleaning in the evening, and they did it all in one visit, cleaning it with the most effective deep heat cleaner I have ever seen and completely removing traces of several stains. The stains had been so bad that I was considering forking out for another settee. They did the job I needed and saved me the cost of a new couch which I'm very relieved about!
Bryony J.30/06/2014
     I can completely recommend CatfordCarpetCleaning I've had a regular cleaner for 18 months now and I've had absolutely no problems. It is a very flexible service and if there are any problems such as going away on holiday they are very easy to resolve. That aside the work that their cleaners do is second to none and it is so delightful to walk back into my home at the end of the day and find a clean, fresh smelling home. The company will organise replacement cleaners for illnesses and our cleaner is a really lovely woman who I am always happy to share a hot drink with.
Cassie A.08/04/2014
     I work hard, and as a result I like to play hard. I live alone and to be perfectly honest I just don't have time to clean my flat. At the same time I am not a messy person, so it is quite important to me to live in some sort of order. That's where CatfordCarpetCleaning come in. They clean, tidy and generally make the place look superb once a week while I am at work, which rids me of one problem and allows me to concentrate on me when I am not working. It isn't just the positive effect it has on my life, it's the standard these guys clean to. It would take me weeks to do what they do!
Tony Krootman30/01/2014
     You can't even imagine just how good these guys are! Honestly, if you are thinking of getting any form of cleaning done by professionals, make sure you jump on the phone to CatfordCarpetCleaning. I couldn't recommend them enough - the staff on the end of the phone are helpful and courteous, and the cleaners that enter your home are smart and professional. But more than that, they do a superb job of the cleaning. They have cleaned my carpets, rugs, upholstery, and they give my house a once over every week as well. Thoroughly recommended.

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